About Viscomp

Hello world friends,

“Viscomp” Ltd. was established in March 2007 in Plovdiv as a branch of the German company Euroweb Group, headquartered in Düsseldorf and offices in twenty-six cities across Europe. The company specializes in the areas of web development, design and maintenance of web sites, web hosting and Internet advertising.

With over five hundred employees, including sixty-seven in Bulgaria, the company is having with innovative ideas and professionalism in all areas of web services and web solutions for small and medium enterprises, providing cusibekyarovers a complete service and quality maintenance. More than 15,000 companies in Germany, Austria and France chose us for their on-line presence.
We are happy to present you another project Viscomp Ltd company: our tech-blog.

In this part of the site we will post and inform you about various problems in tech stream, will examine different accident scenarios from everyday IT situations and any other interesting moments that could be included in the concept of “tech” and IT as all.

All articles, situations and problems are described only in good faith and with the idea of sharing information and being useful to anyone with similar problems.

Some articles may contain commands or code that will make changes to your environment, such as software installation, compilation, deleting files, modifying files permissions and so on…use it at your own risk !

We encourage you to try all the articles first in a virtual environment as we encourage you to use VirtualBox for Windows and Linux environment.

Please note that these articles and topics will not always be aimed at beginner users and their successful implementation may need additional researches and reading additional information not necessarily found here.